Sri PV Abdul Wahab MP


 Amal College of Advanced Studies, Nilambur was established in 2005. The College is currently a Postgraduate College. We had a vision when we started the College, and that was to impart up-to-date education to generations of young people in Nilambur and its adjacent villages and towns.  The world has been changing astonishingly fast and the pace of change is certainly going to be faster in the years ahead. The educational field, as everyone knows, has also been enormously influenced by change. As a consequence, fresh academic disciplines and areas of knowledge have come in to being. It is, therefore, imperative that we mould our young people in such a way that they are able and competent enough to live their own lives and to serve the society and the nation in which they live. They must be knowledgeable and skilled; they must be experts in various branches of knowledge; they must also possess a personality that propels them to love life and to look on the world, its people, and its different cultures with large-heartedness. We believe that only such young people will be able to deliver the goods, successfully, for their families, their nation, their society, and themselves.  What we envisioned, when we established the college, was to shape and create such young people through education at Amal College of Advanced Studies. With trust, we have been so long successful in this mission.

The Nilambur Muslim Orphanage Committee, which runs the College, has always been in the forefront of philanthropic activities.  This is evident in the fact that the College has a 20% seats in all courses specifically reserved for Muslim Orphans. The word ‘Amal’ in Arabic, means ‘hope’. Amal College is, by all means, an educational institution of hope for the young students who come there and also for all those associated with it in various ways and capacities. I am happy that the College was established when I was Chairman of the Orphanage Committee.  My association with the College still continues. I am delighted to hear that the college is launching a website. I wish the College and all its activities aimed at advancement, all success. 

PV Abdul Wahab MP

Amal College of Advanced Studies

(Aided by Govt. of Kerala and Affiliated to the University of Calicut)

Recognised by UGC under sec. 2(f) & 12(b) of UGC Act 1956.

Declared as a Minority Educational Institution under sec. 2(g) of the NCMEI Act-2004.

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