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The Young for the Younger

The project which was named ‘The Young for the Younger’ was part of the extension activities of the Dept. of English, Amal college of Advanced Studies. It had mainly two objectives. One was to make use of the potential of the English PG students and to instil in them a sense of social commitment and to enhance their self-confidence. The other objective was to reach out to the younger school students and help them improve their proficiency in English. The project was, in fact, rooted in the conviction that institutions of Higher Education, like a college or university can be of service, in various forms, to educational institutions at lower levels.

The project was initiated in the year 2015 and still continues. The school chosen for executing the project was the Government Upper Primary school Myladi, Nilambur. It was an exciting and highly fruitful experience to the students of both the college and the school. The young PG students were earnestly and enthusiastically engaged in interacting with the younger school students, teaching them useful lessons in communicative English. The response of the school students was remarkable. They were surprisingly receptive and keen on learning English. The project was on the whole very successful. The project had two coordinators- Ms. Swapna, a teacher from the school and Shihabudheen. C, Asst. Professor of English from the college.  

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